Default Assistance

If you have had a DEFAULT ACTION filed against you and your property here is some vitally important information you must consider.

Since this is now a matter of public record, your mail box must be overflowing. There are schemes and offers from people who would like to take advantage of your difficult position. Be wary, some of these ideas may hurt you badly.

You have approximately 3 ½ months from the date of the filing to pay all of the arrearages, legal fees and filing fees or your property may be sold at a public auction, your property may then be Foreclosed upon and you may lose it.

Do not take this time period lightly, you must at once begin to arrange to borrow the needed money by refinancing your home or getting a second or a third mortgage. This may not be done easily, your credit has now been impaired because of the Default filed against you.

If you can not refinance then consider other sources such as a business loan or a personal loan.

We have extensive experience with helping clients in your situation. We represent almost all of the Banks and Lenders in the US, and have great credibility with them. A call from us will probably put the action on hold until it is resolved.

You may also, consider selling your property. In this HOT market your home is probably worth a great deal more than you owe on it. A sale may bring you a substantial amount of cash back to enable you to start over again.

Call me and I will go over your options with you in person.

Philip Boroda

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